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    Question Frustrated baby....

    Hiya,ive been breastfeeding my son whos now 4months without any problems so far. Just this last week he has been getting quite frustrated at the breast. His face gets red blotches and he keeps pulling off then trying to get back on and getting quite angry. I thought it was wind, but sometimes he does it as soon as i put him on the breast, so it cant be that, i usually can tell he has wind as he starts to fidget about. It doesnt happen at every feed, usually during the day, hes not yet done it at night. He's gaining weight and apart from this is a very happy content little boy. anyone have any ideas about what is going on here?Mizz x

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    that sounds like what my LO just started doing...I think its because he is not hungry...since he only doesn't sometimes. I am wondering if he is getting more at the previous feed and can go longer?? I am also very confused about this and hopefully someone can shed some light on this...Its like he gets SO mad when I try to feed him, but will take a soother or play or sleep happily...meanwhile milk is dripping from me and I feel all engorged!! What could be happening. He is still having lots of wet and poopies...sorry to hi-jack this thread..not meaning too, but I have had the SAME thing the last 3 days. Its like he hates the boob sometimes!

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