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Thread: 24hrs long flight.........need help!

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    I am travelling alone with my 7 month old baby, its a 24hrs long flight. I am very confused what to take and to manage my baby. Please tell me how to prepare formula, how to clean bottle. is it safe to wash bottles in restroom.I am carring few bottles ready formula (2oz of 8). do they allow in flight. please give me full information in details. thanks

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    You're exclusively pumping right now, right? If so, and you're managing to pump enough to satisfy your baby's needs, there's absolutely no need to bring formula. You can bring expressed milk on the plane, and you can pump on the plane. Skipping 24 hours of pumping is something you're not going to want to do because a) you're probably going to end up very uncomfortable, and b) you're quite likely to see a significant drop in supply. Also, babies who are used to breastmilk may reject formula- the two substances taste quite different.

    So, things to have for the plane:
    - Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and a changing pad or clean cloth diaper to protect your baby in case you have to put her down on an unclean surface.
    - Plastic grocery bags. The plastic bags are to contain dirty diapers or soiled clothing. Make sure you ask the flight crew how and where to dispose of soiled diapers. Don't just shove them down the bathroom trash, because those trash bins don't get emptied as often as you might like, and you could be leaving a horrible stink for the next people to use the plane.
    - Hand sanitizer for your hands and the baby's hands.
    - Changes of clothes for you and your baby. (I recommend 2 changes of clothes at least for the baby, and at least 2 clean shirts for you. You don't want to spend 24 hours covered in baby poop or spit-up!)
    - Baby carrier or sling. Great for carrying baby through the airport, and for walking a fussy baby up and down the aisles of the plane.
    - Large lightweight shawl or blanket. Great for nursing (if your baby is nursing...?), also great for napping, because it blocks some light and sound, allowing the baby to sleep more comfortably.
    - If you're pumping, bring your pump, plus an adapter to make sure that you can use the electrical outlets on the plane and in the place you're travelling to.
    - A shawl, nursing cover, or poncho- something that you can pump underneath. (Call the airline you're using and ask about accomodations for pumping moms on the plane.)
    - If your baby is old enough to be interested in toys, several new ones are a good idea.
    - Thermometer and infant Tylenol.
    - Your baby's pediatrician's phone number.
    - Passport for baby if you're travelling internationally. You'd be surprised how many people forget that babies need documents, too!!!

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    Default Re: 24hrs long flight.........need help!

    I've heard some mothers say it's a good idea to print out this link from the TSA's website and take it with you. (I'm assuming you are in the States.) They said it's good to have in case they try to hassle you at security, if they security people aren't up on the TSA rules about BM.

    Here it is.

    Another good link I was looking at.

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    agree with all the other ideas, but I wanted to let you know that your pump doesnt' count as your carryon on most airlines, either. I brought four bottles of expressed milk in the bottles/freezer bag that came with my pump and had no problem with security.
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