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Thread: overeating??

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    My son is 5 weeks old and suddenly he has began spitting up a lot. I've tried feeding him sitting up, mylicon drops, and burping him more often. This has definitely cut down on the digested spit up. However, he is spitting up undigested milk as well. I think he is just nursing for comfort, not for hunger and getting too much milk. I am not worried about dirty laundry, but when this happens he seems like he doesn't feel well. He will not take a paci and likes to be nursed to sleep. Any ideas on what I can do?

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    Hi there!

    One thing you could do is the wait and see approach. Keep observing him, burping often and if it calms down in a week or so you're golden.

    The other thing is that you could get him checked for reflux or silent reflux. This can cause excesssive spit up and babies with reflux frequently nurse b/c it helps calm the pain.

    Good luck!
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    with the PP. But you shouldn't get the idea that frequent spit-up is automatically pathological. If the spit-up occurs without screaming or other signs of discomfort, then it's a laundry issue, not a health issue.

    And if your baby likes to be nursed to sleep, just nurse him to sleep. Other ways of getting to sleep will come in time.

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