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Thread: When did your LO start eating solids?

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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    I did baby-led weaning from six months and DD loved food from the get-go . There was nothing she didn't like (except bland, mushy things, like banana, avocado, etc.--go figure). There wasn't much actual eating going on in the beginning, though, except when something soft like mango got sucked down. But she was very interested and did a lot of gumming and tasting. I think by 8 months, she was actually swallowing food and got so enthusiastic that I had to cut back on the solids, as she was weaning off the breast milk. She's now a lot pickier, at 20 months, but she eats a ton, when offered something she likes.

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    Just after 6 months. He was showing all the signs of readiness and we started with BLS and he loooooved playing, biting and chewing the food but then would gag on it. He seemed to really want to eat but couldn't figure out how to swallow without gagging so we pulled back and are doing purees for now. He only gets a tablespoon or two 3 or 4 times a week for dinner and he seems happy with that. Last night he got pureed avocado and he LOVED it, it's the first thing he's shown a real preference for. He'll be 8 months at the end of this month. He nurses a TON so I'm not worried that he's not getting enough. He's interested in solids, so I think once he gets over the hump of swallowing more solid solids, he will take off with the whole idea.
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    about 7-8 months here.. I just followed his cues and I have done baby led with my last two
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    I offered close to 7 months, she never really got into it, never really liked to be spoon fed! At about 10 months to a year things picked up, she loves finger foods and stil prefers to feed herself then be spoon fed and she is now 15 months!
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    we started offering after 6 months. He loved to suck on foods and then spit them out .... so that's what he did for a while. We mainly did BLS and he would rake the foods into his fist and put them in his mouth that way - so needles to say, there was a lot of smushed up foods on his hands, and less in his mouth He did love to eat from the beginning, always very eager to try what we offered. I wish I wrote more down at that time because it's hard to remember. I do remember taking a picture of him eating a peeled whole apple at 8/9 months, and I remember at about 9.5 months he was eating what we were eating for dinner, instead of random foods, ya know? We followed Shelly's advice of using a saucer (from a tea cup/saucer set) as a guide instead of a toddler plate, so although he was eating a variety of foods he wasn't being given a lot of each thing.

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