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Thread: When did your LO start eating solids?

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    Default When did your LO start eating solids?

    I'm a firm believer in waiting until my son is ready. He's 7 months and not interested unless he's eating what I'm eating. He'll bite off my apples and bananas but will only play with it if I cut pieces off. I'm not in any rush and never force him, I'm just curious about when your LO started to get into foods.
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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    My first started at about 10 months. However she didn't really get into it (only a few bites a day, some days nothing) until 15 months.

    My second didn't eat any solids until a week after she turned 1. I did offer starting around 9 months, since I prefer to give non pureed foods. I did also then try purees thinking that might help.

    She is now 18 months and still is not eating a lot for her age, but she is eating. She typically eats a few bites about 5 times a day, but some days less and the odd day nothing. I'm not concerned. She is still nursing a lot and healthy and growing well.

    From talking to other moms, it seems that many kids aren't that ready for solids until around 8-10 months on average, it seems.

    Check out links on baby led solids, it might be something you want to try. It sounds like your son is already doing that.
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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    It's normal for babies to prefer the food on their mom's plate. *I* wouldn't take it as a sign that he isn't ready for solids, but that's just me. Are you doing baby led solids?

    Both my girls started at 6 months but were pretty slow at first. By 9 months we were at three "meals" a day...moreso with this baby because I offer when we are eating.

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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    ds1 8 months
    ds2 11 months (he was 5 weeks premature)
    ds3 8 months almost 9 months

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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    Both babies we did BLS starting soon after 6 mo old (both were showing signs of readiness).

    #1 - explored food but didn't really eat until he was 8.5 or 9 mo old

    #2 - dove head first into eating with lots of enthusiasm

    #1 is almost 4 and STILL prefers the food on my plate, even when it is the EXACT SAME THING
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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    4 mos but not really until 5.5 mos. I wouldn't recommend starting that early normally but I had low supply and was trying to avoid formula supplementation (which we achieved). As long as my next babies are doing fine with nursing I"d hold off until 6-8 mos.
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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    4 months and 4.5 months. The first was a desperate grab at not giving formula. It only delayed it. The second was just ready at that age. I like the concept of watching the baby not the clock or the calander.
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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    DD started at 4.5 months and between eating purees and stealinf my food, ate A LOT. She still does.

    DS1 and DS2 are preemies (7 weeks early) and we are just now slowly starting solids. DS1 will eat cereal depending on his mood (and I don't offer him daily since he clearly isn't ready). DS2 (my smaller one) will eat an entire bowl of cereal if I let him. He LOVES food. And both boys stole a sweet potato fry from me and were sucking on them earlier. Go figure.
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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    Around 9-10 months? Before that he would just gag and spit up the food. Even now (almost 1 year old), he still doesn't eat a lot, and only recently (last few weeks) started getting more interested in it.

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    Default Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    I started offering at about 6.5 months. Lo wasn't very interested until after 7 months. She started daycare at 8 months an started getting really interested then. I think it had a lot to do with seeing the other babies eating.
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