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    The pain is definitly when she is feeding...there is pain inside the breast as well as cracked nipples. We've been using cream to help with the cracking, but she has already been pumping since this morning every two hours or so. She has decided that she'll just pump for 8min on each side and bottle feed Libby. It hurts MUCH less with the pump and this way, at least Libby is getting breast milk instead of formula. The only problem is...when she pumps for 8min on each side, she ends up with just shy of 6oz. of milk...YIKES! She has been pumping for this length of time because the nurses recommended nursing the baby for 10min. on each side, so 8 per side should be fine right? *sigh* so frusturating...the way I see it now, she seems to have made up her mind and I'll do what I can to support her, I just hope that the engorgement doesn't keep getting worse.

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    You sound like a great husband and daddy!

    Wow- I'm no expert, but 6oz of milk in 8 minutes sounds like she's got a lot of milk going on here... surely a baby as young as Libby isn't drinking 6oz of milk at one time. Perhaps she should go for a shorter time? I hope someone else chimes in here because I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about, but that is a LOT of milk! I'd just hate to keep encouraging that by sending a message to her breasts to keep up that supply.

    I do want to say that you are correct in saying that it's great she's giving Libby breastmilk- it's so wonderful for your LO, as I'm sure you know. Way to go being so supportive!

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