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    I have a 2 1/2 yr old that only gets to nurse before going to sleep. She needs it to fall asleep. A few months ago we started having latch issues (she's been cutting her 2 yr old molars). She no longer wants to fall asleep with her head in an upright positions (reduces teeth marks), she wants to tuck her chin. She also isn't taking the nipple all the way back in her mouth I suspect it hurts too much for her. Anyways we have been working very hard to try and correct this problem but it's not working. Does anyone have any literature or suggestions on how best to wean a child of this age in a caring and compassionate manner?
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    I can think of 2 things that could help:
    1. Get someone else to handle bedtime. Tell your child that you "need" to do something (wash dishes, call grandma, take a shower, etc.), and that you will be in to tuck her into bed in a little while. If you wait long enough, she'll fall asleep with daddy (or whomever).
    2. Don't wean, but cut the nursing session short. "You can nurse while I sing 'Row, row, row your boat'. As soon as the song is done, it's time to get into bed." Once the child is in bed, you can lie down with her and tell stories, or give a back rub, or sing songs. Those things will also help her transition to sleep.

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