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    My DD isn't really a big eater at all. Her 9 mos check up is coming up soon and I am a little worried about it. She has always been petite. She is still wearing 3-6 mos clothes. She seems to eat a lot more when I cut up things and put in on her plate versus being fed by a spoon. Is this a phase or should I just try to baby led solids in some way since she seems to like that better? I've always made my own food for her and occasionally I will get the jars, but she won't eat those. She is a HUGE nurser though. Am I doing something wrong? Any tips?
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    My son refused to eat solids from a spoon! He always wanted to do it by himself. I'd say if she's always been petite and she's reaching other milestones then it is fine. I'm sure going to the dr. will give you peace of mind.
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    My pediatrician would say you're doing just fine. Until around age 1, breastmilk (or formula) should be the baby's primary food source, and breastmilk (or formula) alone are sufficient to meet all the baby's nutritional needs. until the first birthday, solids are just for fun. You want your baby to taste new tastes and experiment with different textures and motor skills. Actually eating the solids doesn't become important until the baby is around 1 year old, and the transition from needing only mama's milk to needing a ton of solids is a gradual one, with many babies eating very little solid food well into their second year.

    If your kid doesn't like being spoon-fed, definitely experiment with BLS! That's what we had to do, because DD1 would not take anything off a spoon. She would just bat the spoon away, splattering solids all over the floor/wall.

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