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Thread: baby pulling off?

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    My 4-week old has recently started pulling off several times during a feeding (and trying to slurp my nipple back in -- somewhat painfully). What could be causing this? I have two ideas -- one is that the thrush we both have had has come back and now she's symptomatic (at first it was just me, but our doc has us both on meds -- her on nystatin, me on Lotrimin. I have continued with the meds even though the symptoms have abated but ... her tongue does look kind of white now, and my breasts still hurt, inside and out.

    Other thought is that my husband has now given her a bottle of expressed milk a couple times -- maybe this has confused her?
    Any thoughts?

    Also -- on eradicating thrush, if it is back -- will eliminating dairy really help? This would be hard for me, I'm not a vegetarian but I do get most of my protein from dairy most days.

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    Default Re: baby pulling off?

    Hmm, never have heard of eliminating dairy to get rid of thrush. I would say anything white, flour, sugary stuff would be best to get rid of the thrush. Also Breast Pads can be a problem, change them as soon as they are wet, wash your bras in vinegar and hot water. Also a better place to look for the thrush would be in the pockets of the babies mouth and also under the lips, sometimes what can appear as thrush on the tongue is really milk. Also, you can start a proabotic ( sp) daily into both of your routines to help steer the thrush away. About the slurping of your nipple ouch! Could be nipple confusion or she could just be exploring what this bfeeding thing is all about?!? Don't really know there. I would def reajust her latch when she does that. Best of luck!

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