I have only nursed my daughter for two short times in the past 3 1/2 days. I asked on HMN forum about it, but no one mentioned the breast care as detailed here on Kelly Mom. That and the sadness my daughter shows when she is really tired at the end of the day (she relied on nursing to nap) makes me wonder if I should take gradual approach rather than cold turkey.

If I have to express some milk to keep from infection is there a good way to allow my daughter to do this instead? How do I tell her and go about it so we don't get back in the full swing of nursing again?

The reason I stopped is because I was becoming very resentful. She was nursing ALL night long and all throughout the last couple hours of her daily nap and asking many times in between--FAR more than this time a year ago!

Since we stopped she has been sleeping SO much better at night and is content just cuddling to sleep.

It's nap time and the end of the day that are the hardest. At nap time she begs to nurse and asks frequently, but won't nap without it. And at the end of the day she is completely unraveled without a nap and begs to nurse. Last night she even fell asleep while eating her dinner with food in her mouth. I felt terrible!!! She has always been a contented and happy child. Normally she sleeps til 9:30 naps at 3:00 for about 3 hours and goes to bed by 10:00. Without nursing she's been waking at 7:00, not napping and going to bed at 9:00. I don't feel she's getting enough sleep for her body to rest and grow.

Also, I've been a little sad about it. I'm not a "soft" person by nature, but now I find myself feeling for the first time, "my baby is growing up." And I always said I was "one and done" but now I find myself thinking it would be great to have another someday. Hormones?

Any input and advice on how to best approach this would be really appreciated.

Thank you kindly.