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Thread: Is this Oversupply? Mixed Signs ...

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    Default Is this Oversupply? Mixed Signs ...

    Sorry this will be long, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle ...

    Little one is 6 weeks old and breastfeeding has gone pretty well, but there have been some odd changes lately, with green poo being the newest.

    So here's the summary:

    -- Breastfed right away (home birth), with a good latch
    -- Was pissy his second 24 hours, nursing constantly but unsatisfied. Midwife believed he was getting plenty of colostrum but ready for real milk.
    -- Milk came in at 48 hrs and instead of losing weight his first week, he gained.
    -- Established a 1 poo per day pattern right away

    -- At 2 weeks his weight was below his birth weight though I'd been nursing on demand. I'd been seeing green and yellow poo alternating.
    -- Started to feed him *more* than he demanded, and he gained 11 oz the next 8 days. Seemed to increase supply, and got a plugged duct.
    -- He's continued that rate the past several weeks, hitting about 1.25-1.5 oz a day on average.

    -- At 4 weeks I started pumping a little, to store up milk. Dad & I aren't together and I want to store up milk so Dad can give me better breaks now and then. Had a lot of trouble getting anything pumped.

    -- At 5 weeks I helped a mom with a medical emergency and fed her newborn alongside mine for a day. Also took hops. Big jump in supply, it seemed (and a plugged duct that resolevd quickly).

    For the past week or so I've been noticing the following:
    -- He seems starving, latches on, makes a face, and pushes my breast away (I don't see any squirting), then wants to re-latch so badly it's hard to get him to calm down enough to latch
    -- While eating he'll squirm a lot, seems really uncomfortable, sometimes stops and shrieks, lets go ... I thought it was gas and would try to burp him, then he's scream and root at my neck
    -- He'll refuse to eat any more, then seems starving shortly thereafter
    -- Prolific, stinky farts
    -- More diapers than usual (about 10-12 cloth per day, up from about 8), sometimes having a totally saturated diaper an hour after we took a saturated one off
    -- I can only get milk to eject for a few minutes while pumping, but I can often get 2oz of milk in just a few minutes.
    -- It seems sometimes like he's forgotten how to latch. Sometimes it's perfect, and sometimes he'll have my nipple in his mouth and seem like he can't find it - that never happened before.

    For the past few days we've had:
    -- Sudden increase in poo, from 1 every 1-2 days to several per day. SOme are yellow and foamy, a few have been green, some look yellow and mucousy.
    -- Astounding volumes of spit-up
    -- Very perplexing cycles of having a very full belly, and seeming starving

    It's been typical since the 3rd week that he'll not burp after a feeding, but then later he'll spit up -- sometimes floods of spit-up it seems.

    What I have NOT experienced:
    -- Seeing milk spray when he lets go of my nipple
    -- Leaking other than a few drops if I have no bra on and press the side of my breast with my arm (like during a diaper change), one side only
    -- Feeling extremely full all the time (not sure if H cup breasts have anything to do with this ... maybe they can be very full without my noticing much)
    -- Sensation of many let-downs (I can never feel my milk let down)

    And: I'm having a hell of a time pumping; the past few days it's been tough to even get an ounce. SO I figured my supply was down.

    Thoughts? It's easy enough to attempt to feed him from just one breast every 2 hours and help him "finish" that breast. I'm not sure how to mix in the pumping (I'd like to keep pumping once a day, storing about 2oz a day would help this single mom with rest and sanity).

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: Is this Oversupply? Mixed Signs ...

    what's your diet like? MY dd had the green poops and they went away when I stopped cows milk and ice cream, and started to block feed in 4 hour blocks.

    lots of moms have issues with the pump, have you tried had expression?
    that works for some moms.

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    Default Re: Is this Oversupply? Mixed Signs ...

    Thanks for the thoughts ...

    DS's dad is sensitive to whey and casein in cow's milk so I've experimented with going off completely then re-introducing: no change.

    Hand expression gets me all of nowhere

    After a few rounds of offering only one breast per 2 hours I notice that I had not noticed the degree to which I was full and uncomfortable. I've got lots of back and neck issues going on so the mild breast pain was easy to overlook.

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    Default Re: Is this Oversupply? Mixed Signs ...

    Have you looked into any information on reflux? That can cause similar problems.

    Is the block feeding helping him with eating and calming down?

    Also, I believe that for dairy, you need to cut it out for at least two weeks to make sure that it is out of your system.

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    Default Re: Is this Oversupply? Mixed Signs ...

    So that's what block feeding refers to ...

    Yes: not switching breasts for 2 hours is making a difference. He's asking to be fed much, much, much less frequently and has been generally less fussy today.

    Still plenty of spit-up, so that may be a different problem or it might take time. Poo is getting more like his normal.

    To maintain my pumping and storing about 2 oz a day, I'm assuming I should treat it like a feeding? Like, after his morning feed, attempt to pump on the same breast for a few minutes.

    He's still un-latching and re-latching a lot, but it's down to one of two such behaviors: The making faces, pushing it away, screaming, wrestling has stopped. He just continues to cheerfully pop himself off and on, relatching himself well ... might just be playing.

    (and now I'll go to the pumping support area to troubleshoot that further!)

    I did cut out his Dad's allergens for several weeks, we've had a naturopath and our midwife supervising that experiment, which we were able to begin before he was born. The most likely food culprit at this point is chicken.

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