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Thread: OALD vs ALLERGY??

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    Default OALD vs ALLERGY??

    A few days ago 6 wk started w/ mucousy green poo w/ flecks of blood a few times a day. The other BMs are normal. Went to the doctor wants me to eliminate dairy to rule out allergy. After reading some of these forums..I'm just wondering if it is a OALD issue. I had terrible oversupply w/ my 1st child (my first night at work I pumped 30+ ounces milk; quit only b/c no more bottles) This time I rarely do any extra pumping b/c fear of a repeat. Anyhow, my little one sometimes is a "clicker" as some have stated. Mainly notice this in the mornings when supply is greater. He is not a fussy baby, but does sometimes squirm at begining of feeding. THe most noticeable thing is that his tummy rumbles w/ noise when he starts a feeding. I nurse only from one breast per feeding. SHould I try block feeding? If the bloody/green mucousy poo resolves do I contribute it to the OALD or an allergy. I'm kinda stumped?? If i do block feeding will it decrease my supply and cause and undersupply??

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    Default Re: OALD vs ALLERGY??

    Hi there,

    Here is the FAQ in oversupply:

    To answer your question, I can't tell you to try block feeding, but if you read over all of the info on oversupply and feel that this pertains to you than you can certainly try it. It would appear that ds has some of the symptoms of oversupply and OALD.

    And yes, if you try block feeding, it will lower you supply. That is the idea. It should lower it so that ds can handle it better, but not so much that you have and under-supply!


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    I have 6 month old twins. When they were about 4 weeks old I had issues with bloody poo, in one of the girls, as well (in addition to OALD). My girls were born at 35 1/2 weeks. Following consultation with my Pedi and a Pedi GI specialist, I learned that the incidence of milk protein allergy in term infants is about 40%, however the incidence of milk protein allergy in pre-term infants is somewhere between 75-80% (or greater). At that time, my girls were getting EM and 1-2 bottles of formula supplementation. The specialist instructed me to put her on 100% breast milk for 2 weeks, and eliminate my dairy intake. (We'd previously tried the soy formula for supplementation but the bloody poo continued through that as well.) He said if the bloody poo continued after no more formula and limiting/eliminating my dairy, then he needed to see her as to make sure there wasn't another cause for the blood. In less than 2 weeks the blood resolved and both my girls have been on 100% breast milk every since. If I do eat some ice cream or cheese cake, etc now, the other daughter has more incidence of 'urping' after a feeding....but no bloody stools have returned....
    Melissa N

    I would definately suggest block feeding for the OALD issue.

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