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Thread: 13 month old wont drink milk

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    It sounds like he will eat quite a few different solids. Have you ever tried beans? I just ask because my dd loves them and I was surprised.

    He's about what my dd weighs..19 lbs at 11 mos and she is definitely plump enough (not fat but def. not skinny). She nurses very often (4-5 x/noc, 5-8 x/ day) but I really don't see that as a problem. The advice of only 2-3 nursings/day at this age seems rather low to me.

    Best wishes, sorry I didn't contribute much. Each baby is different.
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    per waking at night - I'm sure it's not his teeth because it doesn't make a difference what he's going through, he always wakes and I'm sure he does this in hopes I'll give in, that's why I wonder if he'll sleep if it's not there to offer at all.
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    This may be a long shot, but DS initially refused milk as well. My mom started feeding him banana smoothies when he was about 14mos old and that is how we eventually got him to accept cow's milk. She would just blend a bit of banana, whole fat vanilla yogurt and milk. Gradually (over a couple months) we eliminated the yogurt and banana. He also refuses to drink milk out of anything except a Nuby straw cup to this day (he is now 2.5)

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    mommal gve some great feedback (and links ) per usual

    The only thing I think I could add at this point is this... your child does not need milk. You can fully meet his needs without giving him milk to drink... (milk at all really)

    Can you look into finding a different nutritionist... making sure they understand breastfeeding past 6 mo?

    Also - I wonder if you could, over the course of a week maybe, write down what he is eating. you might find he's eating more than you think. He's young yet and obviously cant/wont eat a 6 oz steak. A serving size for him is about 1 TBS... it's not really that much when you think about it...

    see if you can do that and let us know what your findings are!!!
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    Thank you so much everyone. I will put your suggestions into practice! The banana smoothie is a good idea - I'll try that. Also my dayhome lady found that he drinks better from one of those straw cups so I'm going to get one of them too. I will also try the one cup for water and the other for milk. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

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