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Thread: Safety of herbs?Interactions with domperidone?

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    Default Safety of herbs?Interactions with domperidone?

    Does anyone know where I can get information on the safety of herbs and drug interactions? I am currently on motillium (domperidone) prescribed by my doctor for low milk supply - it does help, I have barely any milk without it but even on 3 tabs 4 times a day I still have to supplement with formula in the evenings and my baby drains me dry at every feeding. If possible, I would like to have enough milk so I don't need to supplement and may possibly be able to pump enough to store a little milk. I feed him every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. I was pumping but it didn't increase my supply and only left him shortchanged at the next feeding because by the time I finished feeding and pumping, it was time to feed again an hour later and I just didn't have enough milk built up by that time. My baby is 7 weeks old. I was unsuccessful at breastfeeding my first due to milk supply issues despite using motillium so it is really important for me to breastfeed this one. I want to try fenugreek or blessed thistle but I can't find any info on whether these are safe to take while on motillium. I asked my doctor but she doesn't have any experience with using herbs and said I'm doing all I can possibly do and if I have to supplement with formula it's not the end of the world. Am I really doing all I can? I really want to try these herbs if they have worked for some people but I need to know whether it is safe and my doctor is not helping. Also, what's this about oatmeal? I've never heard of that before - does that really work? and why?

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    Default Re: Safety of herbs?Interactions with domperidone?

    Kellymom.com has some good info on herbs. Here's a link:
    There's other info on the site about drugs for building supply, but I'm not sure there's a cross-ref for drug interactions.

    My LC recommended More Milk Plus tincture to build supply, and I also started eating oatmeal everyday. My supply has been fine, but I can't really tell if it's because of those things or not. I was trying to build supply while DB was on a nipple shield at birth, since a bad latch will not build supply well or quickly. I don't think I had poor supply to begin with.

    I think the best person to talk to would be a lactation consultant, who would have experience with all the drugs/herbs you're taking or thinking about taking. Next best might be a nutritionist.

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