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    I thought some of you might get a kick out of what DS and I watched this evening in our meadow. A doe and her fawn, who come by each evening, were out there grazing and mama squatted down to pee. Baby immediately ran to mama and stuck her face down there to nurse -- and mama jumped up like she just got stung by a bee and stalked off, with baby chasing after her.

    It just looked so familiar somehow....
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    That's so cute! What a great picture of how it really is...

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    That DOES sound familiar! So cute!

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    So familiar! I've seen cows do the same thing- there's mama cow, her big old udder swinging as she hustles away from her adolescent calf, who is almost down on his knees trying to crawl underneath her and grab hold of a teat...

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    Too funny! And so cute!
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    Great natural sight. What did your son say?

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    I remember when one of our cats had kittens when I was a child. They were outdoor cats and the mamma used to go across the street to get away from them once they got older.

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    That is so funny!
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    Tee-hee! Except in our house, it was the opposite--DS trying to get away from momma. Silly baby...Ah well... Thanks for the image, though, made me smile

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