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    Question confused

    I am trying to increase my supply. I have been pumping and feeding EBM to my DS for a few weeks becuase he refused to BF. Last week he decided he wanted to try again. I started back to work on Wed. I BF when I am home and he gets a bottle when I am at work. I am only pumping about 1oz per breast when I pump. This weekend I am trying to BF only with no bottles. He has taken the bottle so much I am used to knowing exactly how much he is getting. Now I worry that he isn't getting enough to eat. I can hear him swallow but that only lasts a few minutes (less than 5) at each feed. He is extremely fussy today. I gave up and gave him 1.5oz of EBM. He seems to want to eat continuously. Is this normal?

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    I don't have any answers for you, but wanted you to know that you aren't alone, I see that my DD was born the day after your DS and I too have been trying to increase my supply. I take funegreek, drink Mother's Milk tea, pump after most feedings, (just ordered some domperidone), and I too only get 1 oz per breast when I pump-and that is after 3 hrs! It is very frustrating, but that is awesome that you pumped when he was refusing the breast, kudos to you! Hang in there, I'm thinking about you!

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