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Thread: Nursing 13 MO and suddenly painful?

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    Default Nursing 13 MO and suddenly painful?

    Hi mamas!

    I have enjoyed a wonderful 13 month nursing relationship with my son but suddenly it has started to burn when I nurse - my nipples are really sensitive. I recently pump weaned (still nurse him on my lunch break most days) so I was thinking maybe my period is coming back? (still haven't gotten it yet)

    Did anyone have pain before their period? How long does it last?

    Oh - I checked his mouth for thrush and no signs of it...we've had it before so I'm fairly certain its not that.

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    Default Re: Nursing 13 MO and suddenly painful?

    It could certainly be the return of your period that's causing the sensitivity. Pregnancy is another possibility (or is it? only you know for sure!), and so is teething. But stay alert for more signs of thrush- that's a common cause of pain that crops up after months of pain-free nursing. And pain that can be described as "burning" is often thrush.

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