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Thread: Irregular cycles?

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    Default Irregular cycles?

    My little girl is on her way to becoming 15 months old and I have been nursing throughout, never bottle fed or formula fed.

    My menstrual cycle returned around the 9 month mark and has been extremely irregular. It'll come one week, stop for another, come the next, stop for a month, come again, come AGAIN the next week... etc etc. This is all very strange for me as you used to be able to set the clock by my cycles. I've seen my gyno about this but she checked me out and told me not to worry, that I looked perfectly healthy. I guess I was/am afraid of not being able to have another kid... at least not the way my eggs are being spent! I've been taking the low hormone birth control pills and my gyno says that my cycles might get back to normal if I stop taking them and go with another form of birth control.

    I'm also thinking about weaning Rylee as in the last couple of months she has become a constant nurser which isn't too convenient. I think I'll really try weaning by the time she is 18 months old... we'll be starting to try for a second by then anyway.

    I guess my question is... has anyone experienced the same cycle irregularity? Is it anything to worry about? Especially in the case of having more kids?

    Any advice would be divine!



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    Default Re: Irregular cycles?

    You may want to check out the book Taking Charge of your Fertility It can help you determine what's going on, if you are actually ovulating, etc. It also teaches the FAM (fertility awareness) method of birth control if you are interested in stopping hormonal and doing something different.

    ETA: The book also helps you determine the best time for pregnancy acheivement
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    Default Re: Irregular cycles?

    Hmmmm. Yes. I have the same thing happening now. 6 months pp, AF returned this month for 7 days on, 7 days off and now on again for 6 days and counting. Hoping that its just my body trying to figure things out again. Best Wishes to ya.

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    Default Re: Irregular cycles?

    I have no clue what's going on with mine. I can usually tell when I'm ovulating so I know AF is coming shortly after. I've only had 2 AF's since DS3 was born. First one at 10 mths and then got another 6 wks later. Still waiting on #3.

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