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Thread: How Many Letdowns

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    Default How Many Letdowns

    Lately, I have only had one letdown per feeding and it seems my 2 month old tries unsuccessfully to trigger another one. He has been really frustrated with BF. Is it normal to only have one letdown?

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    I can only get 2 on my left side and one on my right...
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    I get usually only one let down on the left and two on my right. For me it depends on the amount of time my little one breastfeeds. If he goes longer on the left side I will get 2 let downs.

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    if you want to try to trigger more than one let down another thing you can do is take your LO off the breast breifly- long enough to burp then put him back on. I have found for me this makes it easier to get a "second" let down.

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    A lot of times you will only feel one letdown but can actually have a couple without knowing it.

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