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Thread: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

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    Default Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    with what has been said. The odd thing is that from what I read your doc says just to pump and bottle feed, but how would that help? I don't see an issue here, just an issue with an underexperienced doc!

    If what he is getting at is the desire to know the exact oz that baby is getting, a more BF friendly thing to do is to rent a hospital grade scale and weigh baby before and after nursing to see how much baby ate.

    That said, again, I don't even think the "slow" weight gain is an issue in your case given all the other factors.
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    Default Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    I with all PPs.

    You are doing a great job! In two weeks, your LO has almost gained back his/her birth weight. There's always going to be babies in the 5% and babies in the 95%... I wouldn't do strictly by those charts! They are averages!

    As long as wet/dirty diapers is good, and you are nursing 8-12x/day.... continue nursing!
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    Default Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    with all the PPs. A lot of women don't respond well to pumping especially when doing it exclusively. Your baby does a much better job than the pump. If you were to not pump enough I am willing to bet that your doctor would say that you had supply issues and say that is the reason he wasn't gaining weight and he's going to be pushing formula. It really sounds like you are doing well with the breastfeeding and he is getting close to his birthweight. Offer the breast often and do breast compressions like the others suggested.

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    Do you have extra milk? Consider donating!

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    Default Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    It seems a lot of doctors are giving this advice lately and I dont agree with it at all. It sounds to me like you are doing a great job breastfeeding and I wouldnt give it up if I were you. Maybe just offer the breast more frequently until his weight comes back up. If you give him the bottle, it will hinder your BF relationship. Not everything a doctor says is correct. Sometimes its just opinions and in your case, thats the impression Im getting.

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    Smile Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    Related info from Dr Jack Newman on How to know if a healthcare practitioner is bf-friendly and I see one of his comments reflects your pedi. I also encourage you to get a different pedi.
    My DD regained slowly, after having lost 12% of her birth weight. She was also a ceasarean birth. I wish I'd known about IV fluids pumping up the birth weight, I was soooo worried. We did skin-to-skin, we bedshare, and I offered a feeding at least twice an hour--presto. She didn't always latch on but most of the time she responded like, 'hey, why not?' and had a wee snack. In a single day she regained 100g.
    You might like having a look at Hunger cues from Kelly Mom. I just stumbled across it and even at 5 months of mothering found it very informative!
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    Smile Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    This sounds like me! I had a section after 18 hours of labor and fluids, my son was born at 8# 13oz; 8 5.5 at discharge, 7 15 at his lowest. At that lowest weight, after several weight checks with his doc, we saw one of the other docs in the practice, who wanted me to pump for 24 hours- pump every 4, feed every 3. I had breastfed exclusively til that point, my son was only 2 weeks old, and we were feeding on demand. I didn't even know how to use my pump then! The doc also only saw us for 5 minutes, and wanted us to come back again the next day to report on how much my son had taken.
    We immediately went to see a lactation consultant. She completely disagreed with what the doc had said- she helped me correct latching issues and positioning, showed me how to use the pump, and was very reassuring. When we went back to the doc the next day (we saw ours this time), even *she* disagreed with the previous instructions.
    Here's what it comes down to: good number of wet and poopy diapers? Non-painful and appropriate latches? Babe seems satisfied and healthy? You're fine. Pumping is not a replacement, and you won't necessarily get out with a pump what you would with a baby. Plus, its NOT easy to go back to breast, you don't want to break that connection!
    Some kiddos take a little longer to get back up to birth weight. Find a doc that's supportive, and keep doing what you're doing!

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    Default Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    Sounds like you are doing well...
    I had a c-section with my milk coming in late the 5th night. Up until my milk came in and the next 3 or 4 weeks, I nursed every 2 to 3 hours religiously. Even though my milk didn't come in for several days, my daughter still managed to get back to her birth weight within a week and a half. I felt things were going well when there was a good output of peeing and pooping and she was satisfied- just like what I'm hearing from you.

    I meet with group of moms at my hospital weekly who breastfeed and they are always taking about drs. who don't have the knowledge or desire to support or encourage EBF moms, but they continue with their passions with some up and downs.

    Be diligent and know that your little one is doing well!
    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Doctor wants me to pump only, not nurse.

    And remember weight charts are according to formula fed babies.
    Sounds like you are doing everything right to me. I agree with others to look for a more BF friendly pedi.

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