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Thread: not nursing as much

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    DS in the last few days seems way to busy to nurse and he is wearing himself out so much and only taking 1 nap so he is sleeping more at night. He is nursing now in the morning, a fly by mid morning , naptime, bedtime and 1X at night. He nursed so much more before. He doesn't eat more solids than before and I nurse (try to) before solids. he is happy and has wet and poopy diapers like he should. I didn't think he would cut back so much on nursing already. He is happy when he does nurse but it is when he wants to not when I try to offer to get in more nursing. He isn't even 13 months yet and he barely drinks any water (1-2 ounces) not even every day. No other liquids are offered. Is this normal?

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    Aw, I think it's harder for us when this starts happening than it is for them. But I would assume that if he is gaining well, that he is just much more efficient than he use to be. Not to mention, he probably needs fewer "comfort" sessions. It just sounds to me like your little one is growing up.
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    sounds totally normal. Max stopped nursing at that age and was into everything else! When he started teething again he added more sessions and still nurses more now that he is used to everything.
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    I think the nursing at this age is put on the back burner for a bit for the excitement of becoming mobile and developing other skills.

    I bet that he'll go through a time when you feel he's nursing more really soon.
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