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Thread: wet diapers?

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    Thank you all for your posts. My gut says he is just fine. He is meeting all his milestones. As a matter of fact he took his first steps tonight. My gut also says not to increase his juice intake. I think he is just so busy and everywhere I read and everyone I talk too says that is normal. He isn't loosing any weight, so I think he is fine. I hate the so called "NORMAL" or "AVERAGE" they use for kids anyway. Each child is so different.

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    My second daughter is very small (16 pounds I think - 7.3kg at 1yr) too, but eats pretty well (when I offer, but if we're busy, she's usually ok to keep going). She has about 5 wet nappies/diapers per day. She is also drinking water and some cow's milk now (in addition to two nursings per day).

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