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Thread: breastfeeding pillows

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    Default breastfeeding pillows

    I have been trying to find a nursing pillow that has a strap around the waist like My Brest Friend and machine washable like Boppy. I used Boppy with my first and I didn't find it very user friendly. I was thinking about My Brest Friend this time but it seems like you can't wash the pillow itself which is a huge problem. I don' know how many times my first pooped all over the pillow while nursing so it definitely has to be machine washable! Any ideas? Any brands out there with both characteristics?

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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    my mom custom made me one that fit my rocking chair.
    IT didn't cost much for the pattern and fabric and fiberfill.

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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    You can wash the cover of the BrestFriend. However, I just put a clean receiving blanket on top of mine. I just change out the blanket everyday.

    IMHO, the BrestFriend is superior to the Boppy for BF'ing. The BrestFriend Deluxe is worth the extra few dollars.

    Good luck!

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    Wink Re: breastfeeding pillows

    I always preferred just using a regular firm pillow! It's still a little squishy so you can adjust and make it comfy for both of you!
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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    You can get boppy covers with strap holes and then strap it around your waist. I don't know if that would help? I love my regular boppy.
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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    I never really loved the boppy, but used it for the first few months. THen I just would prop any pillow under baby or under my arm for support! Sounds like my breast freind is a winner though!
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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*annabellasmommy View Post
    I always preferred just using a regular firm pillow! It's still a little squishy so you can adjust and make it comfy for both of you!
    And if it's too flat you can always add another pillow. They also don't cost an arm and a leg to replace should the need arise.

    Have you considered finding/making a waterproof cover for the pillow? Saves it needing washing should LO poop on it..

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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    In a mother's group I went to early on, I could swear there was a woman who had a plastic cover for her MyBreastFriend pillow (the pillow I preferred, too). I didn't have a plastic cover, though, and never thought to ask where she got it. I just used cloth diapers under my LO to catch dribbles from either end But you could check the MBF website...

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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    There are def. plastic covers for the my brest friend--that is what all the lactation consultants I saw had b/c they could sanitzer--google it. or you can put the changing table liners down--Boppy actually makes them- they are called Pad Liners -- we put them over our changing table cover but they would work for what you want--they are good b/c they have a cloth top and plastic bottom.

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    Default Re: breastfeeding pillows

    You can buy an inflatable "travel" My Brest Friend, which is identical to the normal one (same size and everything), it's just inflatable and is plastic so it doesn't absorb anything. It has a removable fabric cover that's interchangeable with the regular kind (I have both). You can get the travel MBF pretty cheap, around $20, so if it doesn't work for you, it's not a huge investment. I know that Walmart.com sells them, they may be elsewhere. This might address your concern about it being washable.

    I have a regular MBF that I use all the time. I just put down a doubled-up receiving blanket on top of it. I really only had a few weeks of the runny poop explosions during nursing - 6 weeks tops, so I don't know, maybe given the short duration of the issue you could find a temporary work around?

    ETA: I bet you could make a waterproof cover pretty easily, because it wouldn't need to be the exact shape of the pillow. You could kind of wrap a sleeve around the body of the pillow (like the paper sleeve around a hot coffee cup, if that makes sense). So, just a rectangle, maybe sew velcro on the top and bottom to secure it, and you'd just wrap it around the area where the spills are going to happen.
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