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Thread: Help!! Is this strep or could I have thrush? In my throat!!!!

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    Default Help!! Is this strep or could I have thrush? In my throat!!!!

    Of course, I have to get sick after hours on Saturday!

    Lost my voice this afternoon, and have an itch in my throat. Yesterday, I thought I was either catching a cold or had allergies. Today, I looked in my throat and see some white sores. I had strep before - and thrush. Both were much worse than this last time.

    No fever, was a little achy last night and mild head ache, but ate dinner very late. Can swollow OK, but flat water feels a little funny going down. Not hot tea or bubbly water. Slight cough. Mostly just itchy. Little heaviness in chest.

    Who care about me! But, I am so worried about baby. Maybe she gave me thrush, though boobs are ok. Don't want to give her strep!!!

    I am exclusively breast feeding and baby does not take a bottle. This sucks!!!!!

    Anyway - does anyone know if you can lose your voice with thrush? And have a heavy chest? Seriously hard not to lose it now. I could care less about me being sick - but dread having to worry about baby!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Help!! Is this strep or could I have thrush? In my throat!!!!

    I have never heard of losing your voice with thrush or having heaviness in your chest associated with it. I happen to have come down with strep on Tuesday, and am on treatment for thrush as well. So the two can be compatible. The doctor put me on amoxicillin for the strep and I am on Diflucan for the thrush. The doctor told me that it is extremely uncommon for babies under a year to get strep, but that it is very contagious to other members of your family. The amoxicillin is safe fore breastfeeding. Personally, every time I have had strep, the throat pain has been very bad and I ran a fever, so I wouldn't venture a guess as to what you have, but take some comfort in knowing that it is uncommon for babies that young to get strep. Get yourself checked out and take it easy.

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