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Thread: confused - thrush??

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    Question confused - thrush??


    I’m really confused and wonder if someone can help me. My DD is 11 weeks. We’ve had problems with BF from the start. Painful cracked nipples, OALD/OS and vasospasm. We’ve been working on all of this and have sorted out latch problems which I think were in large part causing vasospasm. Were starting to get on track and then last couple of days suddenly it’s all really painful again.

    Reading through lots of posts on here I’m pretty sure we now have thrush (she doesn't have any symptoms I can see but feeding is v painful as well as fussiness, peeling nips). All similar as for poor latch / vasospasm but the peeling is new and I think her latch is now okay.

    So, I got some meds from my doctor. However, as soon as we got these (haven’t started any yet) everything seems to be fine again. Am I going crazy? Does thrush behave like this? Or what else do you think it could be?

    Hope all this makes sense!
    Big thank yous

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    Thrush can resolve on it's own, and that may be what happened to you, but the symptoms are also very similar to vasospasm so you may not have had it to begin with.

    I'd hang on to the meds just in case, but wouldn't use them unless needed. A lot of times the meds don't help anyway. Nystatin, which is what is usually prescribed for the baby, has lots of sugar in it and can be counter productive if you are fighting a tough overgrowth.

    You also might look into taking a probiotic, it can help with yeast overgrowth and might prevent you having a recurrence.

    This is my favorite thrush resource. Lots of great info about how to determine if you've got it and treat it if you do.
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    Default Re: confused - thrush??

    Paige is so right...

    I had a stubborn case of thrush...

    Used GSE topically after every feed and capsule form 250mg 2 pills/3x per day.
    Also, Monistat 3 times per day affected breast....And lots of probiotics/yogurt...DS was never affected...

    Hope you feel better soon, Momma....

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    Default Re: confused - thrush??

    Hi gracehana - how are things going? Are you still having pain while breastfeeding?
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