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Thread: How much solids approaching 1 year?

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    Default How much solids approaching 1 year?

    My son is 11 months. My original plan had been to breastfeed until 12 months, and then gradually wean. Now, I'm not planning on rushing it - we'll just see how things go over the next few months.

    That said, neither of us does well physically when we ramp up the amount of solids too fast. We've had periods of time where he has trouble pooping and his stomach is really bothering him, and I have plugged ducts, when we've tried increasing solids too fast. I've only recently started giving him lunch (he had been getting just breakfast and dinner), but I've tried to keep the overall volume of food roughly the same so we both have a bit of time to get used to it. He is also not a fan of finger foods yet - I've given him some various finger foods, and all he does is play with them but doesn't put them in his mouth. If I put them in his mouth usually he just spits them out. He does fine when fed purees and chunky purees, though, usually.

    How do I know how much food is enough at this stage? I don't want to over-feed solids, but I guess we should be increasing solids at this point to the level that his system can handle it (which as I said has to be a gradual process). I just don't have a good sense of what volume he should be getting, while still leaving room for nursing. How much he nurses varies greatly depending on if he's teething, if he seems to be in a growth spurt, etc. When not teething, I think he generally nurses around 8-10 times per 24hr period (including 2-3 times per night).


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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    It really varies greatly from child to child. My daughter ate a ton at one year and hardly nursed. My son nurses like yours does and isn't interested in many solids. He plays with them , spits them out, throws them, and eats some sometimes. He is 1 and I offer 3 meals a day nursing before each and let him feed himself or not. I worried and worried and then just started letting him decide. Many post I have read here say that some babies don't eat much besides BM well into the second year and are perfectly heathly.Try to relax and have fun with solids.

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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    First off congrats on your decision to keep bfing after a year!! That's great and you'll be in good company here.

    The transition from breastmilk to solids varies from child to child so keep that in mind. Just try to read your son's cues and you'll be fine. During the second year you can offer solids before a bfing session. This helps to make the transitions slower and smoother.

    There is no magic thing that happens at 1 year where they suddenly need more solids so there is no rush. Breastmilk continues to be a good primary source of calories, fat and nutrients. Many mommas on this forum, including me, continued to feed mostly breastmilk during at least the first part of the second year.

    Here are some really good links to back up toddler breastfeeding:

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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    It seems like it really varies baby to baby and also day to day for each baby. My dd is almost 11 mos (2 more days!) and she might eat a half a banana in one sitting, or a 1-2 Tbs yogurt, 1 oz of cheese, a few pieces of pasta and some beans...or maybe nothing or maybe 2 green beans. She likes feeding herself and won't touch purees. I would guess she eats 3-5 oz of solid food a day but it really varies.
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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    I'm glad to read this thread - my son will be 12 months this week and we're in almost exactly the same situation. He does all right with purees most of the time, and some self-feeding foods work, but he's still not to the point where I feel comfortable even thinking about weaning. Now I can reassure my husband and my in-laws that there are plenty of healthy kids who have similar eating habits.

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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    Thanks for all the tips! He's started getting a bit better with trying finger foods over the last few days, so I'm going to try to make more of an effort to offer them, and see how he does. I've been really careful, as much as possible, to always nurse him as soon as I could before giving him solids. So, maybe I'll gradually relax about that, and go from there.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    I tried not to obsess over it too much. I offered 3 meals + 2 snacks and whatever she ate, she ate. She was still (and still is) in charge of how much how often of both solids and breastmilk. I trust her natural ability to regulate her intake.
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    Default Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    I just wanted to chime in that my daughter is 18 months old, still doesn't even eat solids everyday and she is 34inches and 25lbs, on almost breastmilk alone. I would just keep offering but not worry too much if the child doesn't seem too interested yet. My daughter also suffers from severe constipation which is why her diet has been so limited
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