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Thread: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overload

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    Default SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overload

    Hi there!
    I’m happy to say that after 8 months of liquid green poops we finally SOLVED the problem!

    What works for us is ‘block feeding’ in 4-hour periods. It means that I’m still breast feeding on demand (=in case of doubt, offer her to nurse) but 0-4h I’ll only offer DD my Right Breast, 4-8h only the Left B, 8-12h R, 12-16 L, 16-20h R and 20-24h L.
    It took us 4 days like this to see yellow poops. And as soon as we go out of track, poops come back to green. DD is now 9 months old and 9.5 kg, eating some solids, but not much.

    In case it can help anybody: DD has always been a happy and content baby, gaining lots of weight. At 2 months she started passing ONLY liquid green poops (from green grass to green forest), sometimes slimy, often with a lot of distinct green water on them, and 5-8 times per day. Time to time we saw some blood on the poops, tiny brownish clots or brownish water, with a special ‘metallic’ smell.

    When we asked about the green poop to doctors and nurses we always got the answer “do not worry if she is gaining weight and happy” so time went by. At around 7 months we asked one more time about it and the doctor ordered a stool test that turned out ‘positive for blood’ and ‘description: liquid green’, so he referred us to the paediatrician and we started worrying more about it all.

    In LLL forums you immediately gave me the hint: LOOK INTO OVERSUPPLY ISSUES’. I thought it totally made sense, because after 7 months of BF I was still leaking a lot, and I definitely had a lot of milk. So I tried to reduce my milk supply by block feeding, but my MISTAKE: I did it too suddenly. I found that to make a difference and to ‘feel’ my breast empty I needed to offer DD the same side for about 6h. Result: first engorgement, then too less milk, DD asking to nurse a lot, me changing sides too often again, then too much milk again, and then long period offering one side....

    Some questions I didn’t find an answer for:
    1-Yes Oversupply or foremilk/hindmilk imbalance or Lactose overload can affect older babies (mine is 9 months now) and not only few weeks old infants.
    2-Yes, relatively small changes in the feeding routines can make a BIG difference in the poops.

    After this first attempt of Block feeding I started looking into allergies and I stayed out of gluten, dairy and eggs for month and a half with no much result. My totally personal opinion is that if you don’t have a family history of allergies or other problems often related to them like eczemas.. . you better don’t try many diet changes without the advice of your doctor. It is stressful, it takes a lot of work to manage different meals that those you are used to and you can end up eating worst while breastfeeding.

    Finally, following the advice of a friend/breastfeeding mum and re-reading all the LLL info about oversupply we gave another try to block feeding, being more patient and with a more reasonable 4 hour period and IT WORKED!

    For more info just google “lactose overload in breastfed babies” and “oversupply” or “foremilk/hindmilk imbalance” . Basically what happens is that the baby gets too much lactose and she can’t handle it. Only solution seems to be to offer her fattier milk and for that you need to reduce your milk supply and to allow your baby to ‘finish’ each breast (as you know, the milk of the beginning has less fat than the milk at the end. You only need to pump and look at the colour and thickness of the milk to see the difference!).

    My DD didn’t have bloating, cramps, gas, irritability/screaming, sleeplessness... which seem to be common. She certainly nursed often, gained a lot of weight and had frequent and watery bowel movements, always green in colour. We were slow in the introduction of solids (fearing allergies), now we are trying to catch up and she seems to be doing well.

    I only wish we had read something about all this when DD was 2 months! And asked for help from a lactation consultant (sorry to say that the doctors totally disappointed us) to establish the optimal length of the BF periods according to our particular situation, without reducing too much the milk supply.

    Thanks to everyone! Your answers and comments helped us a lot to understand the green poops problem!

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overload

    I'm so glad you figured it out and that things seem to be going well! Block feeding in 4 hour chunks really helped here too, but we only did it for a couple of weeks. After that we switched to one breast per feed and she stayed happy and green poo - free.

    Good for you for pursuing the issue and finding what works for you and your little nursling!
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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overload

    It's always wonderful to hear about a problem being solved. Thanks so much for posting. There's somebody else out there somewhere right now that needed to hear this.

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    it seems that 2 years passed and iam reading your post now having the same exact problem as i discovered yesterday by chance!!

    i have a 3 months old boy and i was struggling feeding him for the whole 3 months , sometimes i was very depressed and started to give him a bottle especially when we are out cause nursing was just like fight, i tried to cope with the problem thinking that it is because of gas and the problem will end by 3 months of age ,i also noticed the green smelly explosive poop but thought that it is just a new pattern as he grows up :S
    anyway it is my first day to try the technique hope it works...
    iam very sad that i discovered the problem that late .. i feel that i want to cry !

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    I know that this is an old thread, but I'm really hoping this is the issue with my 6 month old daughter! She has green diarrhea with some blood everyday! I've tried block feeding, but I guess I'd never been really consistent about it. I'm also shocked to see that it took you 4 days to start seeing yellow poops! That may have been why I kept giving up on block feeding before and thought that wasn't the cause. I'd eliminated so much from my diet!!! I know she is sensitive to dairy and eggs though. I kept thinking I was "starving" her by block feeding! Thanks so much for posting this!

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    Hey Maddys-mom, before you dive wholeheartedly into block feeding, can you tell us what symptoms of high supply you're seeing, aside from green/bloody poops?

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    Maddys-mom, I copied your post to its own thread called "Green poop and block feeding," so more people will see it.

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    I just figured out that my daughter has allergies/sensitivities, even though I thought a long time ago the 3+ months of green mucous poo was oversupply. the oversupply has been gone for quite some time and just now I have discovered that it was my diet (I went on an elimination diet). I took baby to the Dr. after she had eczema that was getting severe and blood starting showing up.The Dr. recommended the diet based on what she saw.
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