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Thread: Is he self-weaning?

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    Many hugs, mama. Weaning is hard. And it's even harder when it's not what you really want to do. But your perspective is a good one- that it is about him and not so much you. You do have every right to mourn your experience and feel bad about it not going the way you expected, with the added bonus that when you need a little pick me up you can just look at your healthy happy little man and know that he is all good and that makes it so much easier.

    Try not to look back and second guess yourself or play the blame game. I know that's easier said than done, believe me, but it's not productive. I don't mean ignore it or anything, but just recognize that maybe you could have done things differently and gotten a different outcome...but maybe not. There's no way to know, so there's no point in dwelling on it.

    Your comment about not knowing when the last nursing was made me tear up. I totally understand that and just wanted to say that even with extended nursing pairs that can happen. My daughter, who weaned right around her 2nd birthday, did it so slowly that I don't know when her last time was. I tried to keep track, but after a month of thinking that every time was the "last time" I sort of stopped paying attention. And then one day I thought about it and realized it had been weeks and I couldn't remember. On the other hand, I have a very vivid memory of my last time nursing with my son and it's not a happy one. He was 9 months old, it was two days before thanksgiving, and I nursed him in the doctor's office right before she came in and told me that I had to wean him immediately. Out of the two I prefer the first way.

    Also recognize that there are hormonal changes that are taking place, though if you are still pumping that will probably help. I had a crazy couple of weeks after weaning my son and it was only looking back that I realized that it was partly the hormones making me nuts.

    Anyway, long ramble, sorry about that. Your post touched me and I felt I could relate. You've done such a wonderful thing for your son by nursing him this long, I hope that THAT is what you remember most when you look back at this time in your life as a mother.
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    Thanks for sharing your heart.

    This is almost exactly how my son and daughter were with their personalities.

    They didn't comfort nurse - and as soon as they got the hang of solids, they were hooked!

    I'm glad that you are at peace with how things turned out.

    Weaning definitely is bittersweet.

    Best of luck with this next stage and hang around so that other mommas can benefit from your experience!

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    Default Re: Is he self-weaning?

    this has been so hard!
    On YouTube a mother was nursing a 4-yo and in her interview she said they had weaned but she went on tour with her band to Europe, and when she returned her son had an ear infection 'and I had so much milk left' so they gave it a try and it worked How long was her tour that she still had milk? (The unanswered question!)
    My DD is comfort nursing right now and instead of doing the Pantley Gentle Removal Technique described in 'The No Cry Sleep Solution' to end a sucking to sleep association, I'm letting her continue; thanks to your post.
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