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Thread: Setting limits on a toddler that doesn't eat solids...

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    Since you just posted about teething, I wonder how much that is at play -- both in terms of discomfort and excessive saliva swallowing which can lead to stomach upset, especially in the morning, as well as a strong craving for absorptive foods, like crackers.

    Has she had reflux issues in the past? Even when reflux seems cleared up, it can show up again during periods of teething, probably as a result of the discomfort and saliva...
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    Default Re: Setting limits on a toddler that doesn't eat solids...

    sorry to but I never heard of this ''feeding therapy'' here in Italy what is it about?
    my 13 mos hates solids...I'm not worried at the moment but all my family is.
    anyway,Lyn your DD is gaining so you shouldn't worry a lot.
    I was terrible as a kid and drove my mom crazy.I was BF just for 3 mos and then later I just ate junk food and just when I wanted.but I've always been very healthy
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    we made it to 19 mos!!! no end in sight
    always and (I'd like to have a just LO and mom cosleeping smilie...)
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    we just started to put cloth on
    if I'm here I'm
    love this forum!!!

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