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Thread: Night weaning success!

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    Default Night weaning success!

    We have a 21 month old boy suffering from lot of allergies, so weaning was the last thing on my mind. But he would nurse 5-6 times a night and sleep was hard to come by.

    So it has been a week, I told him that I am hurt in the breasts and cannot feed him. He was sad the first day, gave me hugs and kisses, did not cry, and after 2 days he does not ask anymore.
    He wakes up once around 2am, but goes back to sleep immediately with some patting or his favorite song.

    I still feed him at 5.30am, and will be letting that go too. This transition is so hard I feel like a part of me is ending. But he is happy and this has been with no tears or protests so far!

    Hope this helps someone!

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    Thank you for posting this. My daughter is 31 months and also has a lot of allergies, has struggled with growth, etc. So I have been very reluctant to take away her night time calories (she nurses a lot in the night). But in the past few months she has started to gain weight more consistently and is eating solids pretty much every day (she has been off and on with the solids). So I think we're ready to try the night weaning. We've been talking a lot about how night time is for sleeping and the nummies need sleep. She gets it when we talk about it during the day, but at night she just cries and cries until she is wide awake and then asks me to take her downstairs for a snack.

    Anyhow, its good to hear success stories. Maybe one day we'll be there too.

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