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Thread: would bottle feeding be better?

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    I would be careful about block feeding. I am lopsided because I prefered one side more without knowing I had to spend equal time on each side. What I do now, is nurse on big side until letdown, then switch until squirting stops, then switch again. yes, for me, it has always been like this and has not changed. I'm just past the 7 month mark, too. FYI- I bottle feed in public because it's easier than dealing with the mess of milk and more importantly, the frustration for my little one. hope this helps a little.

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    Typically, babies get better able to handle overactive letdown as they get older - mine was a lot better with it at 3 months. Sometimes how they handle the letdown is to allow milk to dribble out of their mouths, which can result in "milk bath," but it's a good way of coping.

    Block feeding has worked great for us. No harm in being lopsided - everyone is to some extent. There's no harm to producing more milk from one breast.
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    I had similar issues in the begining (my son is 7 months now) I used the hand pump to get a couple OZ out before a feeding, that way my let down was pretty much done by the time he got going. I only did this for a couple weeks, he learned to manage it pretty quick. Good luck!
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