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Thread: Drinking way more with bottle

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    Hello. I have a five month old. I'm going to be going back to work in a few months. I work nights so, I'm training my girl's daddy to put her to bed. When I put her to bed, I nurse her until she sleeps. She's very difficult to put to bed and this is one of the only things that works. The problem I'm having now is that she drinks way, way more milk when she's given the bottle at bedtime. I can breastfeed her until she's done, feed her a big bowl of rice cereal, and she's still drink 5 or more ounces from the bottle. I don't know where she's putting it all! Usually, I'm pretty empty by that time of day so I'm sure she doesn't get that much from me. Also, when I try to pump to make up for the amount she's had, I get about 2 ounces and that takes at least half an hour. Has anyone else had this problem? I was thinking maybe because the bottled milk is foremilk as opposed to the hindmilk she'd get from me. I don't know. My stored milk is going to be gone before I start work at this rate!

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    babies get more from a bottle than breast - it's easier no matter what kind of flow bottle you have. Do you have a slow flow nipple? Also, give her frequent burp breaks to slow her down. Someone said giving a bottle after nursing is like ice cream after a meal - the baby is going to eat even if they don't really need it (someone here, sorry I don't remember to credit her!). Can Daddy walk her around and pat her or something to extend the time he has to get her to sleep? My husband gives my daughter a bottle while I pump and then if she's still awake he pats and rocks her until she's asleep.
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    PP. also at that time of night she is probably wanting to nurse for comfort more than anything. So if she is trying to nurse for comfort with the bottle she can't do that without taking that much. Have you tried giving her a paci at that point? also is there a reason you are starting her out on rice cereal so early? 6 months is the reccomended age and even then you don't have to do rice cereal which really doesn't have a lot of nutritional value. Just thought I would bring it up.

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    Thank you! That was actually very helpful and motivating! Last night, I put her to bed with the pacifier instead of the breast and it worked like a charm! She fell asleep way sooner. I wish I would've tried this months ago!

    I started her on rice cereal because she seemed to really want to start eating. I just give her a very small amount and breastfeed as much as I always have. She loves it!

    Thanks again!

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