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Thread: Curious... nursing and PL'ing....

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    I'm Anna
    Proud mama to my 2 little high needs "koala bears":

    Ethan born 8/23/08
    Bfed for 22 months, weaned with love 7/2010

    Lucas, born 1/6/11
    Nursing strong for 19 MONTHS!

    Cloth diapering 1 full-time even though I'm constantly ! Currently in potty training mode. We also and

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    It sounds like all ended well. You two have so much to be proud of!!

    As far as your first q: no correlation here. All 3 trained early-20 months, 29 months and 21 months. Oldest nursed 2 1/2 years, son nursed till his 5th birthday and my baby is 30 months and no weaning happening here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*duckpond View Post
    My daughter self-weaned at 6.5 months old and was dry during the day at 26 months, dry at night at 36 months.

    My son is still nursing at 29 months , and was day and night dry at 20 months.
    Had to comment on this. I don't think any baby self weans that early.

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