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Thread: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

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    Default Re: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

    Thanks all for the advice... but I am already going back and forth and back and forth from right to left. He nurses on right for 20 min, nurses on left for 20 min, dozes for 15 min, nurses on right for 20 min, nurses on left for 20 min, repeat for 12 hours... If I don't eventually supplement him, he starts freaking out crying and kicking and punching. He is only content after feeding between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. During the day, I just don't make enough. I have been logging more than 20 feeds per day (a feed is nursing on both breasts). He is on me continuously. It has been like this for 6 days.. before that we were supplementing formula on demand but I have been trying to wean him from it by using small amounts (~1/2oz at a time) with SNS only when absolutely necessary.

    For the domperidone dose, I am seeing an LC/pedi who prescribed the dose I am on. I need to get her permission to increase, I suppose.

    I do have a supportive DH but he is back at work so the days are long and soooo frustrating. I hold out for as long as possible before give formula, but it is so stressful and he is so unhappy and so am I. I am not enjoying any nursing during the day and I fear it is spoiling the whole experience for us both. :-(

    The only time LO is happy and content is when DH comes home and I turn him over in desperation, and he gives him 3 oz of formula from a bottle.

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    Default Re: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

    how are you doing?

    did you talk to your LC about the dom dosing?

    rereading your last post I wondered if daddy does anything (besides give a bottle) that you don't do? Does he sing in a bass voice? Does he hold the baby in a different position? Does he switch a fan on (or off)?
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    Default Re: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

    aside from the wonderful support and info here, have you tried to call your local LLL leader? Have you attended any meetings with your LO?? I find hands on, RL support and advice to be a great help! If you need any help locating your local LLL or meeting, please feel free to let me know and I will be glad to help!

    I PROMISE these early days of non stop nursing will subside! It does get better as they get older...hang in there!!!
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    Default Re: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your input and support. We are still struggling with low supply... things haven't changed much except that now he is taking more formula (~12-15 oz per day). My LC says it is because he is bigger (she says he needs 30 oz per day based on his current weight, which was 11 lb 4 oz yesterday).

    I had blood drawn to check my thyroid, but the hormone levels were normal.

    My family practitioner suggested Shatavari so I am taking the tincture three times per day. I also upped my dose of fenugreek to 12 capsules per day. She doesn't want me to go above 60 mg of domperidone per day. (her name is Anne Eglash... apparently she is a BF guru... co-founder of Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and the Mothers Milk Association of Wisconsin... so I trust her judgement)

    He's gaining weight very quickly. Here are his recent naked weights from our visits to the LC:
    7 weeks (3 June): 8 lb 12 oz
    8 weeks (11 June): 9 lb 9 oz
    10 weeks (28 June): 11 lb 4 oz

    All three of my LCs and Dr. Eglash are stumped. They advised me to keep supplementing with formula on demand, to keep the BF experience positive (things have been very negative lately as I tried to wean him of the formula and he was soooo hungry all the time and we were both miserable). I was also fighting all the time with DH because he thought I was withholding formula out of stubbornness (he is right).

    I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have, but I think I've exhausted my options. Now I just want to make sure that I keep producing *some* milk and that I can have at least a partial BF'd baby. I do love BFing when I have milk and I love the close relationship with DS that comes with it.

    But in the end I am just so sad that I can't make it work, no matter how hard I try.

    sad mommy who only wants to EBF but just can't,

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    Default Re: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

    I think the super switch nursing says to switch after the sucking slows down a bit. Here is some info from Dr. Sears:


    quote: "In switch nursing, you let the baby feed on the first breast until the intensity of his suck and swallow diminishes. Before he drifts off into comfort sucking, sit him up and switch him to the other breast and encourage him to nurse actively again."

    Here is more info on switch nursing:

    "Switch sides 3 or more times during each feeding, every time that baby falls asleep, switches to "comfort" sucking, or loses interest. Use each side at least twice per feeding."

    from kellymom: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/low-supply.html

    I think switching after 20 minutes is too long. Have you tried breast compressions? Helps them get more of the calorie and fat rich hindmilk.

    Jen - mom to 3
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    Default Re: Options for increasing supply? I've tried a lot already...

    My midwife who is an herbalist gave me a hops tincture, which worked within hours. The other client I know who tried it said it worked within a day. Her tinctures are particularly potent, far above what you find in the store:


    I'd ask your LC before doing the super-switching routine. I started switching often when LO wasn't gaining, and now it seems the issue was oversupply and he's getting too much foremilk, not enough hind milk, from my switching so much.
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