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Thread: Letdown and pumping problem

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    Question Letdown and pumping problem

    Hi. I am currently breastfeeding my almost 1 month lo and we have not had any real issues with milk supply once my milk came in. but I have started pumping to build up a supply in case I need to be away or out for work. I am having a problem getting my milk to let down when pumping.

    At times I would pump for 10 minutes and barely get anything to cover the bottom of the bottle, it would just drip out.

    I was airing out my breasts and feeding and while my lo was latched, my other breasts just started leaking like crazy. I quickly pulled out my pump and I got maybe an ounce and a half!

    I continued to do this for the next few feedings and got more. Later that day, I tried pumping without my lo and did not get much of anything.

    Is there anything I can do to help the letdown without my LO attached to me?

    Right now I am latching and pumping in the mornings.


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    Default Re: Letdown and pumping problem

    The pump is not the same as the baby, so we have to trick our bodies that it is.

    What helped me was to have a piece of clothing with his smell, and a picture/video (on my cellphone) to hear him and see him.

    Many moms pump and feed at the same time, I've done it a few times, but it was very difficult, especially when baby got older and more active/distracted.

    As a last note... when are you going back to work? maybe you can wait a few more weeks to start pumping; this may give you some time to get the hang of BF and then incorporate the pumping??? just a thought
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