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Thread: occasional pumping. looking for advice.

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    Default occasional pumping. looking for advice.

    hi everyone.

    i have a couple of questions regarding occasional pumping. i'd love to hear some thoughts on the topic.

    first, my baby is 7 weeks old. we've given her a bottle of EBM once, and she took it no problem.

    second, i have an issue with overactive letdown. i don't think it's a major problem, but once or twice a day baby gets frustrated at rate of flow and fusses/screams at the boob. we have had a few bad days where she has fussed at many feeding attempts, though.

    third, i offer my baby 1 breast per feeding, as suggested by a LC to deal with OALD.

    so. i'm a SAHM but am looking to introduce a bottle of EBM once or twice a week. my husband would be giving baby the bottle during two hour or so absences once a week while visiting his parents.

    as of yesterday and today, i pumped for 10 minutes on the unused breast after the first AM feeding. i'm scared to death of overdoing it and creating more problems for myself!!!

    my questions regarding pumping are:

    1. is pumping the unused breast for 10 minutes after the first AM feeding a good course of action to avoid oversupply problems?

    2. should i pump this way every day, or just for a day or two leading up to when he'll be giving her the bottle? i just have a hand pump, and i don't get loads of milk (i got 1 oz of milk this morning from the unused breast in 10 mins - so i don't think pumping the morning of would work).

    3. is there a danger that pumping a little bit will make my OALD worse?

    4. how much pumped milk should we have for a 2-3 hour absence?

    5. will i have to pump during the baby's absence where we'll only be a part for a couple of hours?

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: occasional pumping. looking for advice.

    I don't think I can answer all of your problems but if you're going to be gone 2-3 hrs I'd nurse her right before you leave and maybe leave 2-3 oz but hope that whoever is watching her can keep her from needing it until you come home so you can just nurse her then.

    Pumping a little bit is probably not going to do too much to your supply. 10 min one side isn't really significant either way. I wouldn't stress out about it

    Plus, if you know you're going to not have to return to work at all or leave your baby for a long chunk of time that you know of, I wouldn't worry about collecting too much milk. A few oz is a good idea just in case you're sick or something but don't worry about having too much or pumping every day.
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