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Thread: Medela Personal Fit

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    Question Medela Personal Fit

    Anyone know where I can find a set of Medela Personal Fit breast shields? I'm looking for size 21mm and it seems every store i check has every size except that one.......
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    Default Re: Medela Personal Fit

    I think your best bet is purchasing them online. They never carry the size you need in the store!


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    Default Re: Medela Personal Fit

    I've seen that size in my local Target and Babies-r-us, but I agree w/ PP that ordering online is just usually easier. I use www.nursingmothersupplies.com
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    I found some 21mm at a local pharmacy that carries Medela products but you can just as easily get some online. FWIW, I was sure that the 21mm would help my output as I have very small nipples. All I got was sore nipples, lack of blood flow to the nipples and output the same or less. So even though the 21mm on paper seemed like they were for me, I ended up using the standard 24mm size and just stopped pumping at work (DD is 14 mo.). Hope these work for you.

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    Default Re: Medela Personal Fit

    Yup. I ordered mine on Amazon. Pumping became MUCH easier after I got them.

    I actually called Medela and they said no retailers really carry them, so online is the best way to go.

    I actually liked the Personal Fit better than the Soft Fit.

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