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Thread: should I let my 2 year-old help out?

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    Default should I let my 2 year-old help out?

    I have OAS and OALD. Baby is 3 days old and I'm waking up in a puddle at night already. Anyway, DS2 would like to nurse, but I'm concerned about keeping my supply at this level. It's just too much and I don't want to keep it up. At the same time I would like some relief from these rock hard boobs!

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    Default Re: should I let my 2 year-old help out?

    For sure! If my toddler was still nursing, I'd let her help out. Just give it a try, and see what happens!
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    Default Re: should I let my 2 year-old help out?

    Do you plan on letting toddler continue to nurse? If so it'll help the engorgement issues immediately and it won't be an ongoing problem if they both keep nursing, things will just even out faster. I'd go for it! The only thing to consider is if you weren't planning on tandem nursing, allowing toddler to nurse then stopping him will likely not go over well if he wants to keep going, and you will still have the over production issue to deal with when he stops.
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    Default Re: should I let my 2 year-old help out?

    My toddler helped IMMENSELY with engorgement. He only nurses before bed, so I tolerated engorgement during the day and then let him nurse as much as he wanted before bed. After about two weeks of this, I no longer had engorgement during the day, not even in the morning when my breasts were usually the fullest.

    I agree with PP - it might be cruel to have your toddler help out with the engorgement, but then cut him off from nursing again. I think I might only let him help if you plan to at least partially tandem nurse.
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    Default Re: should I let my 2 year-old help out?

    Thank you! I do plan on a.t least semi tandem nursing. He only came over and said, "It's boobie time" once today. I figured he'd nurse when he wanted to and I wouldn't offer it. I wasn't ready to stop nursing him, but my milk seems to dry up when I'm pregnant. I told him that when the baby was born the milk would come back and he could have some then, he really must have hung onto that thought. At the same time, I'm soaking through two towels at night and the baby is all wet. Plus, every time I BF on one side the other side has a massive let down, AND just randomly throughout the day both sides will let down and if I'm not careful there will be a puddle on the floor. So while I'd like to nurse my toddler I do NOT want this much milk. I guess one or two good drinks a day isn't going to maintain my supply at this level.

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