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Thread: How not to waste frozen BM???

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    Default Re: How not to waste frozen BM???

    - store the milk in smaller quantities, equal to what the baby typically eats in one setting
    - store ANY amount of milk, even if it's just 1oz, you can always use it to top up a feeding when they're extra hungry

    This really helped me:
    - measure the amount in the bag, then write the amount on the bag with the date
    - lay the milk down flat so that it freezes thinly

    Once it's frozen, it stacks MUCH more easily in the freezer for storage. It also thaws much easier/evenly because it's so thin (rather than the big block at the bottom that takes longer).
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    Default Re: How not to waste frozen BM???

    I agree with storing the milk flat when freezing it, then I put them in a large freezer bag with the month labeled on it. 1 oz is definitely worth freezing in its own bag if you're at an odd quantity. Right now I'm giving my baby thawed milk and freezing what I pump in smaller quantities since she's drinking less pumped milk now.
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