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Thread: falling behind due to supplementing

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    I'm sorry your having such a struggle right now, keep up the good work. Every concern you have right now is only because your a good mom and you want the best for your baby. I don't know much about preemies but I am nursing a 8 month old and nursed my other two children for a year, so I can relate to all the questions we ask ourselves. So many people can give you advise and at times you just don't know who to listen to, but I can say these moms know what they are talking about. Quakermomma helped me recently and it is so nice to have mothers to help you. Hang in there and listen to your own intuition too, you know your baby better than anyone.

    mom of 7yr old boy, 4 yr old boy, and 8 month old girl

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    I know exactly how frustrated you feel! My dd was in the pediatric icu for her 1st week.
    I pumped in the hospital, but that early on my milk was not fully in. By the time we brought her home, she was so used to the bottle, getting her on the breast was daunting.
    She’d kick and scream too, it was heart breaking. I didn’t know about a nurse in at that time, but a consultant recommended giving her 1oz from the bottle and then offering her the breast, so she doesn’t come to you starving or frantic. That work every so often. A different consultant recommended a breast shield and that worked like a charm! It is a small latex shield you place over your nipple, it has a similar texture to a bottle nipple.
    I used the shield for about 2 weeks till she latch on with out it. She’s 4 months now, and prefers the breast! Now, giving her a bottle can be difficult…. Best of luck & don’t give up, you’re doing great!!

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