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Thread: He slept ALL night!!!

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    Smile He slept ALL night!!!

    I just wanted to share a milestone in our house. I've been working on nightweaning my 2 1/2 year old DS for the last couple months. In July he was still waking to nurse about 9 times a night. Recently, we've been down to only nursing once or twice, but he was still generally waking at least 4 or 5 times and needing me to rub his back. Last night, for the first time EVER, he went to sleep at 10:00 and didn't wake up until 7:15 this morning!!! I'm trying not to get my hopes too high for a repeat performance, but I can at least celebrate for today right?

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    That is a HUGE milestone! Yes, it may not happen again right away, but you can surely be encouraged that as time goes on, you will get enough sleep at night more often than not. When we got to that point, I really began to feel like we had turned a corner or entered a new season of parenthood, and it was very gratifying to know that I had respected my son's nighttime needs until he had outgrown them, and we had all survived and thrived.


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    I think you certainly deserve to celebrate!

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    We are going through the same thing with our 19 month old, and after about 3 months of gentle night weening, (thank gods for Dr. Jay Gordon!), and encouraging her to sleep without being glued to me: we've also hit our milestone!! for the past week, she has slept pretty much from 7 pm till 5am without "really" waking up- at 5 am I cuddle her up with me for an early morning nurse, then she goes back to sleep.

    So to all you mom's out there who are morning time zombies stumbling around in a haze of exhaustion......there is hope!!! If we can get there, so can you!!!


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    Hey 2.5 yo slept through last night too. She did this a few times back when we first nightweaned but started waking again. Now I have a deal with her when she wakes and wants to nurse: she has to close her eyes and wait for me to whisper the alphabet to her. I say it quite slowly and get quieter and quieter.. then if she's still awake when I get to Z she can nurse, but she's almost never still awake. The big difference for us lately is that I've given up trying to get her to nap an some appropriate time and just let her crash in the late afternoon. I would have thought it would make things worse, but it actually affects her sleep better! (And I can get dinner made mroe easily.) And we take a night time walk to start the bedtime routine- we walk until she starts to slow way down. She gets a lot of extra energy out at that time, plus some fresh air. Then it's brush teeth, story, nurse, bed. The walk and later nap have made her bedtime routine happier and I think that makes a huge difference too. I don't think she'll fall for the alphabet thing much longer, but its working well for now.

    Congratulations and here's hoping it happens regularly now.


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