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Thread: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

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    Default Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    I haven't read all the responses, but I'm sure you've gotten some really great comments. I feel that there is always something that we are going to get criticized about. If it wasn't this, it'd definately be something else. Given that, you are doing what you think is right for your child, and no one else knows better but you! It isn't easy to hear criticism sometimes, but I agree with PP and think you need to put them in their place... in a nice way.

    When I tell my family that I research XYZ topic, and this is what I want to do... they tell me I read too much. (They don't read enough!) So, I understand where you're coming from.

    GL mama!
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    Default Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    Hi Ladies! Just an update.. we are 9.5 months old and still going strong EBF! No solids yet! (No rude comments lately either lol)

    Ben is continuing to thrive on just my milk. He is now about 24 pounds.. speed crawling, cruising on furniture, standing alone, sleeping well at night..

    I am now producing about 40-45 ounces a day, that increased a little.

    I am however, wondering what to do about the expected cake smash at his first birthday....
    Not that I have let what other people expect me to do influence me thus far..

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    Default Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    I wouldn't worry about the cake.
    Nursed my sweet daughter 3 years, 3 mos.

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    [QUOTE=@llli*norasmommy;943096]Then it sounds like your best bet is to just say, "this is how I'm choosing to feed my child, my pediatrician is supportive of my choice and I don't care to discuss it any further." And hope they let it go.

    I use this line all the time even though my pediatrician drives me crazy too. I do BLS and DS doesn't really eat much. We are still breastfeeding at 13 months and my family wants to feed him things I don't approve of. When this line doesn't work, I have flat out told my MIL that I'm in charge and she may not give him any food at all. We have allergy issues and she doesn't take it seriously.

    Just be firm and stand your ground. Sounds like you know exactly what you are doing. My DS barely eats anything and loves BM. His iron levels are great and we also never did cereal.

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    Smile Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    I think its awesome that you want to EBF for a year!!! I posted a thread today about wanting to EBF until 12 months or more!!! My baby is 5 months old and people are already asking when I'm gonna feed her solids and I've been told that babies should start eating meat at 6 months... I don't agree with this. I think Breastmilk is the best and I'm in NO hurry to feed her solids. Kudos to you!!!

    P.S. I've thought about the cake issue too and I think you should just tell them that you aren't giving him solids yet and they can think what they want to think. But I think you are being a wonderful mom and wanting to do what you feel is best for your baby!

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    I know this was from a few years ago, but I was curious how long you did EBF for?
    I'm in a similar situation with my LO.

    Personally, I was EBF for 15 months and I've always been very healthy
    It's hard to find many moms and/or information on EBF for a year or more. I don't have any issue starting solids before 1 year if the child is ready, but why force it if they are content with BM?

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    We gave my DD slushy BM for her 1 yr "cake". She started calling it BRRR! She loves it!

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    Your lo is obviously striving and doing super great on your bm alone. I agree, he doesn't NEED the solids yet. You are doing awesome! You have my support! My lo is a year old, ebf plus bls. The fact that I'm still nursing my lo alone has gotten me tonnes of criticism, weird looks, etc. And the fact that I am not spoon feeding him has earned me accusations of 'not giving my baby food'. Well, it's my choice on how to provide for my baby, and as long as I take a tiny step out of the mainstream methods, criticisms come flooding. As if motherhood isn't tough enough!
    That said, I have observed that bls is very good, not necessarily from the nutrition point of view at his age, but from motor skills development, and stimulation of his senses. My lo does swallow something at mealtimes but the amount is not substantial enough to be called a meal. I do notice he has better motor skills than his peers (even older kids), and is more interested in a greater variety of food than his spoon-fed counterparts. These are skills than I want him to have. Of course you don't have to do that if that's is not what you want, but I'm just sharing what I observe about the advantages

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    Where did you find your research on exclusive breastfeeding for the first year? I've had several friends who have done so successfully and I would like to as well. I've found lots of great info on doing so up to 6mths but not longer. I did read the article on KellyMom about allergies, which is something I'm concerned about since we have a family history of severe allergies. We have my daughter's 6mth appointment next week and I kinda wanted to go in prepared to discuss it with her doctor.

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    Default Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*wreckgoddess View Post
    thanks for all of your quick responses ladies. It is so nice to know i'm not all alone! I have actually read that article about it possibly not actually reducing the risk for food allergy. But I also read an article on Kellymom about delaying solids and how babies are born with an open gut and how every baby is different when it closes.. and the open gut is why the AAP and WHO switched solids introduction from 4 months to 6 months or after recently.

    So there was another momma who also exclusively breastfed for a year? Awesome.. do you guys know what her reasons were?

    Once again, thanks for all the advice(that i'm actually asking for lol) and input. I am considerate of all I hear about or read
    I'd estimate my daughter's nutrition consists of >95% breastmilk and <5% non breastmilk. She's 10.5 months, nursed by me, fed my expressed milk by our nanny while I'm at work. We don't make a plan when it comes to food. Sometimes I'm cooking, she's watching me from the high chair a little fussy (but not hungry) and ill give her an organic carrot stick. She gnaws it - probably nice for teething. She has also tried avocado, a slice of steamed sweet potato and butternut squash, a slice of peeled apple,a hunk of banana. No significant intake of any of the above. It's basically an exploration for her. That said we are huge vitamix users and make a whole fruit / vegetable smoothie every day. She prob tastes that more than anything, though not daily, and is getting spinach, kale,berries, raw seeds or nuts,coconut, squash, dates - whatever made it in. No reactions, no tummy issues either. But in the end, this kid is getting a lot of mommy milk.
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