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Thread: weaning how to do it

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    Default weaning how to do it

    i have a son who is now in tenth moth.introduceds olids 2 months ago.weight gain slow.genetcilaly they have bbeen slim.me too as ababy.
    i wnat to bf till 1 year.shud i strat weaning now or when and how.plan to work from jan or feb

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    One way to wean your child it to cut out one feeding every couple of weeks or so. If you are going back to work, you might consider pumping as an option instead of weaning. However, if you don't want to pump you can try to partially wean, meaning cut out the daytime feedings but continue to BF when you are with your LO. It might help you both make it through the time of transition (going back to work) more easily.
    If you decide to totally or partially wean, my suggestion would be to wait until your LO is one year old so that you don't have to mess with formula at all.
    Up until my DD was about 10-11 months old, I thought I'd wean at 1 yr too, but I changed my mind and I'm glad I did.
    Here are some articles that might help you make the decision and give you some how-tos:

    Considering Weaning and How to Wean

    Nursing After the First Year

    Good luck!


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    Hi there...pats on the back for you nursing your baby to this point!

    Here are some links that are actually La Leche League resources on weaning:

    How Do I Wean My Baby?

    And your local La Leche League Group will have a copy of "How Weaning Happens" in their Group library and that book is a great support in deciding when and how to wean your baby!

    Keep it up, you're doing great!

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