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    Hello My son is 3 months and two weeks. I was not able to breastfeed. I could not get him to latch and went through pretty bad PP and just gave up. I am so mad at myself for giving up and want to try to relactate. I have pumped since day one but when I gave up I didn’t for two weeks. I also only pumped like 2 times a day. For the past three weeks I have been pumping about 5-6 times a day. It was starting to increase a lil but I would not get even an oz a day. Just this week I am hardly getting anything. I have got him to now latch now and then. He does it more for just the sucking affect like the paci. Is it possible to increase or even be able to. I am using supplements and a hospital grade pump when I am home and the ameda when I am at work

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    I completely understand.

    Consistency is the most important part for relactation, although I think it is something the body "learns" and can repeat easier in the future. (Personal opinion - no science there!)

    If your LO will latch, you have a tremendous advantage. My LO would latch too, so when I was relactating, I would literally sit on this forum all night having him suck on one side... then the other.... and back again. Having a good pump that you can tolerate is also huge.

    Have you considered an SNS (supplemental nursing system)?

    During the day I set a timer that would go off every 5 minutes and nurse every time it rang. I forgot exactly how it worked, but it DID.

    I was completely falling apart in every area of my life, but I was so determined to get away from that nasty formula! I was thinking about what a woman would have to do before formula or milk replacers like goat milk were an option. She would HAVE to bf - constantly - or her baby would die. So I bf'ed like his life depended on it.

    I also partially relactated when he was just over a year. It was really easy then. Even now (2 yrs later), if my SO gets too frisky in the bedroom for more than a day or 2 in a row, I start to relactate.

    Hang in there momma!

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