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    Question Fussy during feeding...

    My daughter and I have had our share of problems while trying to nurse. My milk didn't come in for a few days after having her and when it finally did, she wouldn't latch on so I had to pump for her to get my milk. However, we kept trying and we are finally nursing!!

    Hailey will nurse for a while and pull away when she needs to be burped. After I burp her, she roots like crazy. I get her to latch back on but the entire time she nurses after that first burp, she moves around like crazy. She kicks her legs, moves her arms and jerks her head around while she continues to suck. It is tearing up my nipples causing them to be incredibly sore. I can't figure out why she is so fussy and I can't get her to settle down. I try to burp her again, nothing. I pull her off to see if she really is hungry and she always is. HELP! What could this be? How can I help her settle down?

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    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you are actually doing pretty well-really!
    I remember when my DD was small, she would sometimes do just what you are describing. I would think, it's right there, relax already! This link has a LOT of info on what could be causing your baby's fussiness at the breast:

    My baby fusses or cries during nursing-what's the problem?

    Actually, it has so much info it might be a little overwhelming! It kind of sounds like either she still has to burp or she is frustrated because of normal changes in your milk flow during the course of a feeding (from drops, to the initial letdown, then slower, then another letdown, etc.).
    I hope that helps! Keep up the good work. The early weeks really are the most difficult. You can do it!


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    thank you for the website. there is a lot of information on there! it's great! i thought that it was a low milk supply so i pumped last night for all the feedings. i am only producing about 2 1/2 ounces...she's eating around 4. so, i had to give her formula for the other 2 i couldn't give her. however, she fusses at the bottle too...so now i'm confused. maybe it's a growth spurt as well. i don't now...i'm going to keep doing my research...

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    Welcome, Stephanie, and congratulations on that sweet girl Hailey! Her photo is adorable!

    A lot of new mothers worry about low milk supply, and it is easy to get confused about a newborn's often-baffling behaviors.

    One common issue that can disrupt a breastfeeding relationship is the use of bottles or pacifiers. Especially with bottle-feeding, the baby can come to prefer drinking from a bottle and resist nursing at the breast. For this reason, the experts recommend avoiding all artificial nipples for the first 4-5 weeks, or until breastfeeding is well-established.

    The best way to know Hailey is getting enough milk from you is to track her diaper output -- if she is at least a few days old, there should be 5-6 wet disposable diaper and 2-3 dirty diapers in every 24-hour period. If she's making good diapers, then you don't need to bother with pumping or giving bottles. Supplementing with formula can ultimately cause low breastmilk supply, so this is especially something to avoid during the early weeks.

    Read some of these links on "nipple confusion" (which basically means a baby who prefers the bottle) and see if they are helpful to you:


    One idea for dealing with the mid-feed fussiness you describe is to swaddle your baby tightly. Newborns don't have a lot of control over their arms and legs, and they can really disrupt and confuse themselves with all the flailing and kicking. If you swaddle her snugly, she may feel more secure and be able to settle back down to nurse happily again.

    Another thing I always recommend to new moms is to keep their baby in skin-to-skin contact as much as possible. We get so busy and focused on all the complexities and steps, we can easily "forget" how wonderful it is to simply relax and cuddle our baby and let the world pass by for a while. Every time you get the chance over the next few days, just relax with Hailey (in only a diaper) against your bare chest. The skin-to-skin contact is soothing and organizing for a newborn, and it is really good for all your milk-making hormones as well!


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