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    Just a reminder that in case of emergency (like server crashes or software glitches ) you can check the status of the Forums on Facebook or Twitter.
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    Just saw this post....and just "liked" it.

    1st time mommy to lil D 2/19/11


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    I changed the Twitter username (from @m2mforums to @LLLI.Forums), so I thought I'd better post an update about our social networking accounts. We're on

    The main time it's useful to follow one of them is when there are technical problems with the Forums and you want to see updates.

    I also post there when Breastfeeding Today and New Beginnings issues come out, pass along links to articles I find interesting, or highlight different topics on the board. The content is pretty much the same on all three feeds.

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    If you prefer Facebook to message boards, we now have a Mother-to-Mother Support Facebook Group.

    It's a closed group, which means that anyone on Facebook can see the group name and the list of members, but only members can see posts in the group. Click the "Join group" button to be added.

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