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Thread: Not walking

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    Default Not walking

    My Josiah is 13 months old today and not even close to walking, or at least he doesn't act like it... He is my only one, so I have been told that he will not startas quickly as some. At what age did your LOs start walking?
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    Default Re: Not walking

    Don't worry--he will do it when he's ready! My son was 14.5 months.

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    DS1 walked at 15.5 mo. Went straight to running.

    When I talked to our pediatrician he said not to worry unless DS1 got to 18 mo and not walking / cruising.

    WHO info on developmental milestones.

    Really broad range of "normal" for major developmental milestones!
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    Default Re: Not walking

    DS was 16 months when he just started walking. Don't worry, he'll do it when he's ready!
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    Don't worry, he's so young!

    DD1 walke at 13mo and DD2 at 15. Now she's walking non-stop

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    Don't worry. LO is still very young. Before long you'll be wishing he'd sit still for just one second!
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    12 months, but I have a cousin who my mom says didn't walk until 18 months. Just be patient, you'll be glad for the extra few months of not having to run around.
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    Mine started walking at 15 months. Never thought he would start walking, but once he did, he did it almost perfectly! None of that wobbly baby thing I was told by the doctor that they don't even start to think about being concerned about it until 18 months anyways.
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    My first didn't walk until 15.5 mo.

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    I wouldn't worry about it either. DD started walking early at 10.5 months but plenty of her friends weren't walking till much later
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