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Thread: Professional Titles and Credentials

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    Default Professional Titles and Credentials

    We are fortunate to have a number of lactation professionals and trained volunteers on the forums, such IBCLCs and WIC or LLL peer counselors. It's great to have so much expertise and experience here to help mothers who have questions!

    We ask that if you have medical or lactation credentials that you do not include them as part of your username or in your signature. There are two reasons for this:

    1) If someone comes onto the board claiming to be a lactation consultant, for example, we have no way of verifying it or being sure that person is who they claim. I'm sure it's in good faith 99% of the time, but we want to be careful.

    2) This board is about mothers helping mothers. So your real credentials are your own breastfeeding experience. No titles necessary.

    The only exception to this is when LLL Leaders are here representing LLL. They have their identities verified and are designated by the blue LLL logo as an avatar.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Karen, your avatar is green, not blue? :
    SAHM to my boys:
    Z, my land-lubber born 11/09
    Nursed for 22 months, 18 of those with a tongue and lip tie
    Allergies to peanuts and tree nuts

    E, my water baby born 05/12
    Currently nursing through the aftermath of a tongue and lip tie revision, still trying to work it out

    We , , and !

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    Oh yes, that.

    The green LLL logo avatars are forum staff -- admins and moderators. We're Leaders, but we're here primarily to oversee the running of the board.

    The blue LLL logo avatars are LLL Leaders who come to offer breastfeeding help.

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