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Thread: nearing the end...

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    Default nearing the end...

    DD is almost 10 months old and we are on the road to weaning (obviously still have a few months). I have always planned to nurse through the first year, and it is quickly approaching. I am really looking forward to ditching my pump as it has been such a challenge to keep up (pumping 4 times per day, 3 x at work). I suppose my question is, when can I start to decrease the amount of times I pump during the day? Also, when I stop pumping at work (closer to a year I assume) will my body still make milk if DD wants to nurse in the morning at before bed or will I dry up?

    I have to say, I went from hating nursing (it was rough in the beginning), to really enjoying it, to not minding it...but I am really ready to get my body back, I know it sounds selfish! DD is thriving, loving her solids, but most certainly still loving BF. Any words of wisdom to those who have gone down this road?

    Pumping at work has become very challenging as I feel it is all I do! I am ready to have my lunch/breaks back instead of running to grab my bag and into the lactation room! Extended BF is not for me, so that isn't an option, just want some advice/support on my next few months ahead. Thanks!
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    you can definitly pump wean and still nurse your LO when you are together. Your body will adjust to it. To pump wean you need to do it slowly so you don't have issues with engorement. I would slowly back off the amount of time that you pump for one session at a time. So if you pump 4 times a day I would start with the least productive pumping session and slowly lessen the amount of time that you pump. so if you are pumping for 10 minutes currently at this session you would back it down to 8 minutes, then 6 minutes, then 4, then 2, then drop the session. This should be done slowly over a couple of weeks for your body to get used to the change. I would personnally wait until a year to start this process so you don't have to worry about supplimenting with formula but that is your choice. Also a lot of moms find that once they pump wean nursing becomes more enjoyable and easier. Good luck.

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    Default Re: nearing the end...

    with the pp. Even though you don't feel like extended BF is for you, and you're ready to get your body back, your feelings might change once you've pump-weaned. I nursed my firstborn for 3 years, and often felt done- but once I dropped the most annoying feeding all of a sudden I had the strength to carry on. Also, nursing got even more fun once the baby was over a year. So just allow your plans to stay flexible, since you never know where your nursing journey is headed!

    And congrats on almost getting to a year!

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