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Thread: Fruits and Veggies for 10 mo

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    Default Fruits and Veggies for 10 mo

    ...I feel like a bad mommy because some days ds doens't eat any fruits or veggies. I know he's "supposed" to get 5 a day and all, and that one tablespoon = 1 serving, but does that 5 have to all be what he actually consumes, or just what I offer (even if I know full well he won't eat it)? Erg. This is confusing.

    He eats crackers, bread, pasta, rice, and dry cereals (Rice Crispies, Cheerios), and he will always eat cheese, meat, and egg yolk if it's offered. I just really want him to get in the habbit of eating enough fruits and veggies, but when I don't have any that he can or will eat, what am I supposed to do?

    He often begs for something like salad that I'm eating, but if I give him something, he'll spit it out and put it on the floor.

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    Default Re: Fruits and Veggies for 10 mo

    At this age ds is getting all he needs from breastmilk. So don't worry about how much veggies he is getting yet. Just keep trying different foods to see what he likes. Don't force it; you don't want to make meal time a battle ground. You could try elimnating the starchy foods and only offering fruits and veggies. And give youself a break your not a baby mom if your baby won't eat his veggies. He will get used to the taste when he's ready. Hope I have helped and good luck.


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